Cameron and Merkel in EU reform talks
David Cameron will try to persuade German Chancellor Angela Merkel to back him over EU reforms as the two leaders hold face-to-face talks.

Jail terms under 'legal highs' law
A new "blanket ban" on so-called legal highs will carry prison sentences of up to seven years, the government says.

Cameron backs Blatter quit calls
David Cameron supports calls for Sepp Blatter to quit as Fifa president, Downing Street says.

MEPs in new EU-US trade controversy
MEPs call for transparent and public handling of trade disputes with the US but soften their stance on controversial commercial courts.

Labour objects to Hatton application
Labour's general secretary objects to a bid by former firebrand councillor Derek Hatton to rejoin the party.

Galloway to run for London mayor
Controversial former MP George Galloway says he will seek election as the next mayor of London.

Queen's Speech: Bill-by-bill
The government's legislative agenda for the year ahead has been announced, here's a guide to the bills that featured.

Heron pays a visit to Downing Street
A heron causes a stir on Twitter after paying a flying visit to Downing Street.

Sturgeon critical of Scotland Bill
The first minister criticises the Scotland Bill but the UK government believes it fulfils promises made after the independence referendum.

Bercow praises SNP "solidarity"
Speaker John Bercow praises SNP MPs for their "solidarity" - a day after rebuking them for clapping.

Staying in 'will be Yes in EU vote'
Voters in the UK's EU referendum will be asked to choose Yes if they want to remain in the union or No to leave.

Westminster 'may take welfare power'
The secretary of state says she cannot rule out Westminster legislating on welfare matters in Northern Ireland.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Legionnaires widow's compost warning
The widow of the first Scot to contract Legionnaire's disease from compost makes an emotional plea for stronger warning labels on bags.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

Tax collection warning by councils
Local councils say they could collect new Welsh taxes, but warn they might struggle to meet the devolution deadline.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Budget: The East Midlands reacts
Who are the Budget winners and losers in the East Midlands?

Pre-election Budget with added catapult
A pre-election Budget, but will the catapult energise the Midlands?

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

Links to UK political websites
Links to political parties and other useful websites covering UK politics.

Who's who: Cameron's cabinet
Here's a full list of who is doing what job in David Cameron's new cabinet

Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
The details of Labour leader Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet following the recent reshuffle.

European Parliaments online
Links to other Parliamentary broadcasters

VIDEO: Bercow tells SNP MPs not to clap
Speaker of the House John Bercow reminds Scottish National Party MPs to respect the traditions and conventions of the chamber, and refrain from clapping.

VIDEO: The options for £12bn welfare cuts
The Conservatives say they will freeze working-age benefits, including child benefit, for two years, but have still not spelt out what else will be targeted.

VIDEO: UKIP MP confronted by protesters
The UKIP MP Douglas Carswell has been confronted in the street by anti-austerity protesters near Westminster.

VIDEO: MP jokes at Speaker Bercow's expense
Former Tory minister Simon Burns jokes about "dastardly rumours" that he and Speaker John Bercow do not get on, in a laughter-filled speech to the Commons.

VIDEO: Queen's Speech: The view from workers
The working people of South Gloucestershire share their views on the government's new "programme for working people".

VIDEO: Umunna as leader 'not impossible'
Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has not ruled out one day running to lead the Labour Party - but says he hopes a vacancy does not arise.

Why are MPs banned from clapping?
Why can't MPs break into applause?

What was Militant?
What was the Militant tendency of the 1980s?

Labour seeks to woo British Indians
Labour seeks to win back British Indians

Cameron kicks off difficult diplomatic EU dance
Cameron kicks off difficult EU diplomatic dance routine

Analysis: Shackles off for PM
Shackles off for PM's Queen's Speech

The government's data law - an attack on encryption?
Is government plan an attack on encryption?