Analysis: 'Hell yes, I'm tough enough'
As Ed Miliband says he is tough enough to run the country, will the image convince the public?

Election 2015: How close are you to the political centre?
The centre-ground of politics is the place where elections are won - take the quiz to find out how close you are to the current political centre.

PM to pledge 'seven-day NHS'
Hospital services will be available seven days a week by 2020 under a future Conservative government, David Cameron is to pledge.

Labour to cap private profits in NHS
A Labour government would cap the amount of profit private firms can make from the NHS, Ed Miliband says as he launches the party's election campaign.

Tory benefit cut options leaked
The Conservatives are considering options for scrapping some benefits, the BBC learns - but the Tories say they are not party policy.

Leaders grilled in election special
David Cameron and Ed Miliband are put on the spot over immigration, the EU and spending plans in the first set-piece TV broadcast of the election.

'Seize the opportunity for Wales'
Wales' future is "in our own hands", Plaid Cymru's leader has said, at the launch of its election campaign.

Queen's Speech date announced
The next government will set out it's legislative agenda for the year ahead on 27 May.

Minister defends environmental cuts
Environment Minister Mark H Durkan denies that cuts to the grants for a number of environmental groups were imposed without consultation or strategic thinking.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

'Friendship message' from SNP to UK
Nicola Sturgeon is expected to send a message of "friendship and solidarity" to the rest of the UK during her speech to the SNP conference.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

'£260m cost' if line not electrified
Failure to electrify the main railway line in north Wales could cost the Welsh economy £260m, the transport minister says.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Budget: The East Midlands reacts
Who are the Budget winners and losers in the East Midlands?

Pre-election Budget with added catapult
A pre-election Budget, but will the catapult energise the Midlands?

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

VIDEO: Treasury Committee
The Treasury Committee hears from the Chancellor, George Osborne.

Links to UK political websites
Links to political parties and other useful websites covering UK politics.

Who's who: Cameron's cabinet
Here's a full list of who is doing what job in David Cameron's new cabinet

Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
The details of Labour leader Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet following the recent reshuffle.

European Parliaments online
Links to other Parliamentary broadcasters

The challenges of election polling
The BBC's David Cowling looks at the challenges facing pollsters during the 2015 general election.

Where will 'winding up' Westminster lead?
Alex Salmond has been enjoying himself recently, doing what seems to come naturally, winding up Westminster.

Election 2015: Who won the interview contest on social media?
David Cameron and Ed Miliband were grilled live on Thursday night - what can Twitter and Facebook tell us about the result?

Where is the inspiration in this election?
Mark Mardell asks whether a lack of passion, vision and big ideas among campaigning politicians is a result of cowardice or humility.

Farewell to Hague - and 85 other MPs
At least 86 MPs are standing down at the general election, including former Tory leader William Hague and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown - here's a full list

The town that's used to being disappointed
Hope is one of the words politicians turn to most, but what do they really mean, asks John Humphrys.